Monday, August 21, 2017

O’Hara Township, PA -- District 3 County Council candidate Anita Prizio (D-O’Hara) said that her opponent, County Councilman Ed Kress (R-Shaler), has failed to appropriately file a single one of his required 2017 campaign finance reports. Instead, he and his campaign have submitted blank documents with the phrase “will file an amended report” scrawled across the top. “That’s simply unacceptable,” Prizio said.  

Prizio, along with four other residents of District 3 have filed a petition with the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County calling for audit of Kress’ finance statements.  Attorney Chuck Pascal, who has extensive experience with election law cases, is representing Prizio and the other residents.  He stated, “I have never seen a candidate or an elected official file a blank piece of paper as a finance report.  Ed Kress is a longtime elected official and an attorney--he knows the rules.  Therefore, the only conclusion to draw is that his violation of the law was knowing and intentional.”

“Two of the largest issues of my campaign are clean water and government transparency,” Prizio said.  “And like clean water, government should be transparent, accessible, and free of toxins. Unfortunately, my opponent’s murky finance reports run counter to these values.”

Anita Prizio is a small business owner and lifelong native of O’Hara township, where she has lived with her husband and raised her two kids for the past 28 years. She earned both her MBA and her J.D. from the University of Pittsburgh. While serving as an O’Hara Council Member for  8 years, she represented O’Hara in the North Hills Council of Governments. As a court appointed special advocate, she was a fighter for the children in our community. Last year, she was elected as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. In addition to serving as treasurer of Healthcare4AllPA, Anita owns and operates Pittsburgh Crankshaft, an engine parts supply company.