Monday, October 9th, 2017

O’Hara Township, PA -- Anita is dedicated to preserving our natural resources and guaranteeing universal access to clean, safe water. That's why both the Sierra Club of Allegheny County and Clean Water Action Pennsylvania endorsed her to be our environmental champion on Allegheny County Council. And like clean water, good government should be transparent, accessible, and free of toxins. That’s why Bernie Sanders’ progressive organization Our Revolution endorsed Anita Prizio for Allegheny County Council. Other endorsements for Anita include the Gertrude Stein Club.

Our Revolution statement excerpt:

“What we need now more than ever are local leaders that are committed to making government work for working class families,” said Our Revolution President Nina Turner. “That’s why Our Revolution is proud to endorse Anita Prizio to serve District 3 on the Allegheny County Council. Anita has proven time and again that innovative and progressive solutions are not only possible-- they’re vital. We have no doubt that Anita has the potential to pioneer positive change as the District 3 Allegheny County councilwoman and look forward to supporting her important work.”

A lifelong resident of O’Hara township, Prizio has proven her commitment to the Pittsburgh community is personal and powerful. Prizio has been a dedicated community advocate, proven through her service as a court appointed special advocate, as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, and in her role as a local council member for eight years. As a small business owner, Prizio has developed best practices that have shaped her approach to political engagement and fortified her policy objectives. From health care to earning a living wage, Prizio knows that driving progress in the community starts with an individual commitment to implementing strategies that work towards economic, social, and environmental justice.