Thursday, July 15, 2017

O’Hara Township, PA -- Anita Prizio released the following statement about County Council’s vote to approve mandatory blood lead level testing for toddlers:

“Mandatory lead testing for all toddlers sounds like a good idea, but the proposal approved by council fails to address the root of the problem that Allegheny County is facing. Lead testing for toddlers in at-risk areas is important, but it must be part of a more comprehensive and systematic plan to address the lead crisis.”

On County Council, Anita Prizio would implement the following plan to address the lead poisoning problem:

  1. Determine the threat to the immediate safety of Allegheny County residents and provide free and accessible testing to all residents of all ages who are concerned about lead or heavy metal toxicity.

  2. Inform every household of the signs, symptoms and risk factors* of heavy metal and lead exposure

  3. Systematically test the entire water supply by strategically targeting homes in different geographic areas.

  4. Identify at-risk areas in real-time and mobilize an immediate response that includes prevention instruction, testing and treatment as necessary.

  5. Replace the most dangerous lines in the city and determine funding and workforce for the project.

*such as deteriorating paint in houses built before 1978.

Anita Prizio is a small business owner and lifelong native of O’Hara township, where she has lived with her husband and raised her two kids for the past 28 years. She earned both her MBA and her J.D. from the University of Pittsburgh. While serving as a member of local council for 8 years, she represented O’Hara in the North Hills Council of Governments. As a court appointed special advocate, she was a fighter for the children in our community. Last year, she was elected as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. In addition to serving as treasurer of Healthcare 4 All PA, Anita owns and operates Pittsburgh Crankshaft, an engine parts company. She is currently running for Allegheny County Council (District 3).